One of our favorite things to do at Red Hat is to help raise money for good causes–and to help businesses and organizations present awards and prizes to worthy recipients.

We’ve helped committees gather tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorships for their events; we’ve also used publications and ad sales to raise funds for non profits.  In fact, our production of the 2012-2014 Jessamine Resource Guide (click to view sample), a major fundraiser for Jessamine Chamber of Commerce, was named Kentucky’s “Outstanding Chamber Publication” in 2013!

In addition to (and some time as part of) our fundraising, we love to get together great get-togethers, like the multiple Solid Waste Association of North America’s “International ROAD-E-O” fundraisers we’ve organized.  (That’s right–ROAD-E-O.  Think regular rodeos, but instead of horses doing cool tricks, it’s garbage trucks.)

In fact, we’ve organized and promoted events small and large, from a local health department’s grand re-opening ceremony to mega-festivals like Ichthus, the largest Christian music festival in the nation and one of our favorite projects: Crowe Fest–the bluegrass music festival honoring Grammy-winning J.D. Crowe.    award-terri-and-courtney

We’ve also created “virtual events”–online contests, sales events, and interactive meetings and presentations.  Whether you need a major fund raising event or you’d  like to use social media to reach your clients in a new way, you can give us your wish list, and we’ll give you results.