Okay…here’s the deal.  At Red Hat Creative, we do things a lot like you probably do.  When our client needs something, we use everything we’ve got–even a few super powers, if need be, to provide it for them.  Sounds simple, but that’s how we roll.

From  designing logos to creating and placing print, television and radio ads, and/or producing websites that can literally do your sales work for you—we’ll be there for you, and we’ll get the job done right.  Click on the items listed at right, and you’ll get an even better idea of the services we’ll provide for you.

We will take care of all your advertising, marketing and public relations needs, or we will simply help in the areas where you need the most assistance.   Do you have goals you are not sure how to reach?  We can be there from the very beginning to help you imagine—and achieve–results.